Years ago, you sold your first born to a witch. But with your recent dating history, it doesn't look like she'll be getting her end of the bargain any time soon. So the witch has offered to help you find a suitable someone to settle down with. Will you choose the sweet farmer, the confident writer, or the brooding bladesmith? And are these really your only options?

This atmospheric text-based adventure features special graphics and soundtracks for each path, and four different endings (all of them accessible without much repetition). Expect a mysterious witch, interesting choices and at least one ending that leaves you questioning the possibilities.


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So,  in the end we're lesbians?

This was cute lol, I felt bad for rejecting the guys tho XD

This won't run in the web browser on my chromebook. Is there a way for me to fix that?

Owh my... this is such a beautiful turn of events and enchanting way of  storytelling :')

The bladesmith is such a loyal and patience man, the writer sure is a narcistic one, but somehow the tale with the awkward nonchalantly honest bookbinder isn't fully developed like the others ^^;

I love how cute this is!! except for that one guy.. also the secret ending!!! I love it!!

I hope I could see more of your works in the future!

This is an absolutely wonderful game and it played out exactly how I was hoping it would! I unfortunately do not have enough to support you through money, but I truly hope you continue to write stories and create things like this!