Years ago, you sold your first born to a witch. But with your recent dating history, it doesn't look like she'll be getting her end of the bargain any time soon. So the witch has offered to help you find a suitable someone to settle down with. Will you choose the sweet farmer, the confident writer, or the brooding bladesmith? And are these really your only options?

This atmospheric text-based adventure features special graphics and soundtracks for each path, and four different endings (all of them accessible without much repetition). Expect a mysterious witch, interesting choices and at least one ending that leaves you questioning the possibilities.


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oh my god how adorable the secret lesbian ending love that


Could use a different font its hard to read it.


woah. I don’t normally read VNs, but woah. Great writing


I love this so much, it is truly beautiful in all ways imaginable


Wonderful conclusion.


something about lesbian witch sex yeah!

awww i got the cutest ending ever!!!


(1 edit) (+1)(-2)

I like the starting-screen's background-colour, font/size and colours there. (also the suggestions about fullscreen-mode & itch's attached button) and also that this game's available in browser is cool too. btw: I'm playing it on a win8.1-laptop, using a basilisk-browser ...just in case for knowing on which devices it could work better / less awesome / referring to possible errors / etc.

clicking "start".
uhm, that audio was way too loud because of my device's prev. adjustments, while a main-screen's info like: includes audio & testbutton/volume-settings would be preferred there.

Sounds okay, personally it's quite too fast and too much looped in instuments. I guess playing it with in muted tab in browser would be my personal preference for now, while I mainly play games muted in general. This type of similar acoustic would also sound too "adventure"-themed than fitting to text which could take a while for reading, replying by clicks, etc.


What differs those right-arrow icons with the highlighted words in the story? Could the arrows be an option for e.g. vision/colour-"blind"-users, so they know how to progress there without having to spot the exact word for clicking?

"let's find a man"-paragraph.
Until this lines I've noticed that those arrows appeared, I've clicked them instead of the marked words so far. I like the options of different types and 3 selectable variety.

New background looks cool, while white on redish-blue ...could fit better e.g. if using a black font, I guess? Those possible replies are way easier in text for reading, at least as I prefer them in visuals. Hovering for highlights in replies sounds cool, in pink ...I'd prefer maybe a more blue-ish colour?

mouse-pointer's status:
It would be cool if e.g. replies won't turn my pointer to the "hand"-icon, while the questions were turning it into a "text"-defined standard cursor. How about a custom image e.g. as single letter (initial?) of the chosen guy e.g. referring to blacksmith / bookbinder / etc. paragraphs there, while as png its background could be maybe set to transparent too, I guess. Could look cool e.g. if using a letter with shadow-effect?

btw: what catches my attention was the title and banner-pic, also that it's a browsergame & it could be about magic attributes.

awww :')



O M G 


i wasn't expecting that at all omg im so happy TAT


Just finished the story and I have to say, the game is really cute but the ending was so WHOLESOME!


Ohhhh dear, I looove the ending. This is really nice. Like nice nice niceness.

Just downloaded this game as it wasn't working in the browser and it says there is a fatal error. I'm running this on Mac OSX and I tried in both Firefox and Chrome. Can you help? Thanks

It's OK - got it working by download and playing in Chrome - didn't seem to like Firefox. Still can't play it from the browser though! :

I did read this story a while ago and I have a good time with it. Cute romance.  

Ahhhhhhhh I love it!!!! The idea of new possibilities and just everything! A simple but touching game <3 Thank you so much for making it


Ahhh this is a beautifully made and written little adventure!

Wait, is the witch like, bi/lesbian? Or... are we (the player) bi/lesbian? She kissed us at the end part so... Oh but don't get e wrong, this was a unique game for me! My very first novel story game I've played. It was interesting, VERY interesting. Overall this was nice, 10/10 ^^


This is so sweet and so well done! I love the scheme of additional/alternate text behind some of the narration, and the character's are really strong. And I have to commend you for including that fourth option, because as soon as I thought about what route I wanted to go for I realized it was none of the offered ones. The 'witch' ending is beautiful and so worth it. 


Amazing , just amazing



The witch: lets go find you a man

me: a man? a man, honey?

(im a girl lol)


yes, a story of a witch and a woman loosing interest in men and falling in love with each other :) im very happy with this ending


dfjxgnlriufgksj you're so cruel for posting the end in the comments! ç-ç

how could u be so cruel ...ur spoiler just ruined lives, including mine lol



amazing, thank you 10/10, very gay



This was flipping amazing!!!


"Endings and beginnings" felt so much meaningful due to the choice of delivery.


Warmed my cold, dead heart.



Loved this!


oh my god AALSKDJALSDJALJ thank you


man oh man, this is great! i love how simple yet meaningful this game is, it really warmed my heart. <3


one word, YES. 1000/10


i knew it would be gay-

This is just utterly lovely! I enjoyed it a lot.


Is this based off that writing prompt? I've been looking for a story like this for awhile


I love the little plots and the choices you can make in the game. I really enjoyed playing it.


I've only done one of the routes but so far the game is very well done. The only complaint I have is that the white text on a dark background is a bit hard to read, but that could easily be fixed by zooming in my browser. Overall, a sweet and well written story with a great soundtrack!


A wonderful game that made me feel happy inside.

yes! this was beautiful but simple, i love it.


I hoped the story would end that way, and it did!

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