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i knew it would be gay-

This is just utterly lovely! I enjoyed it a lot.

Is this based off that writing prompt? I've been looking for a story like this for awhile


I love the little plots and the choices you can make in the game. I really enjoyed playing it.


I've only done one of the routes but so far the game is very well done. The only complaint I have is that the white text on a dark background is a bit hard to read, but that could easily be fixed by zooming in my browser. Overall, a sweet and well written story with a great soundtrack!

A wonderful game that made me feel happy inside.

yes! this was beautiful but simple, i love it.


I hoped the story would end that way, and it did!

This is such a beautiful story!

Interactive games like this inspire me. Text adventures in general are my cup of tea and this game was an interesting one. Worth the time I played and kudos to the variety of men you meet and the endings that keep true to the personalities.

this reminds me of a writing prompt i saw years ago. I love this story, thank you for making my day.

very cute!

A well-written, fun little text adventure story. Nice job!

Super cute!


The entire time I was on the dates with the the guys I was thinking man, the witch would be amazing but that couldn't be an option and thankfully it was.

Awesome job! Keep it up.


I loved the Witch's end. Thank you for the game

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Gorgeous game, loved it! :)

I loved this so much!


GOD this is so good i love it im so gay hell yeah find me a witch gf

This was incredible!!! I loved this sincerely!! What an amazing idea!!

Wow. It's so great. More than I've expected, actually. Thanks for the good-humoured and relaxing game!


bitch I like the boys but we'll none are my dream guy




I loved this so much! An amazing idea and wonderful execution! Sadly I am unable to donate, but I wanted to show you how much I adored this experience all the same; so please, accept this poem I wrote for you!

A Witch's Word/Invisible Ink:
The written word
Chipped into stone
Bound between beginnings
And ends
A draft done over and over again
Never amounting to a book
Worth keeping close.
Few know
That the cure to such ails
Is to take that stone
And stop writing on it
Instead dig deeper
And find the gold within.


This game was lovely, and your writing was the star of the show. I hope you continue to make stories, in games or otherwise. 


it was a beautiful game. well done!


Halfway through I just found myself going "Can I just date the witch now?" without really thinking it was an option but holy crap I am so happy about that ending!


i love this! so sweet :)

This was really cute, I loved the ending. <3

I really liked this game! You get to date the witch, hell yeah!

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When installing from the Itch desktop, there are two options -- A Witch's, and Only the second one will Launch on macOS -- the first fails with an executable-not-found error. The downloaded files are identical except for the receipt.json.

Perhaps the first download option should be removed, or they should be renamed to explain what they are?

this game is amazing 


hope theres more people play this game

nice gaem. c: 19/9 would game again


First, let me just say wow, the writer is really looking for a manic pixie dream girl. He's also incredibly rude and pretentious. The second he referred to himself as a "nice guy" I started laughing. It physically pains me that people like that exist. (When he snapped at the person waiting our table to get their attention, I put my head in my hands. ) Aside from him, I really liked all the characters! But I liked the witch and her ending the best! I loved playing this and would be so excited to play it as a full length visual novel or text adventure game. Thanks so much for making this! I hope you expand on this idea, but even if not I'd love to play your future games. 

hah nice



OMG THIS IS SO GOOD!!! I'M IN LOVE WITH IT!! AHH LGBT+ AND WITCHES!!! <3 <3 the story line was amazing and interesting

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play something else then, don't spread negativity on something so beautiful

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cant start the game say's there gone somthig wrong with instaling  used the upper instal folder 

the second one works fine plz set name for mac or windows or linux

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