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Oh my god the witch and the girl dated??!!! im so happy dude , I'm glad they ended up together!!


gosh i love this i knew there would be something but like T-T its so pretty im inlove

i totally predicted what was gonna happen but it still left me pleasantly surprised :)


such a fucking beautiful  little game  truly thank you


Well, this is adorable.



such a sweet true ending


the true ending is so amazing i love it


omg i love this game the ending is good


Sweet and short story, but in the best way possible. My only problem was that sometimes I had hard time reading what the highlighted text was saying because the background and text colors weren't different enough from each other.

I adore this! This was really such a sweet experience


So sweet! Liked the final option and ending. 

This was so lovely! The writing is so charming and almost textural in the way things are described. An absolutely pleasure to play.

YES! I LOVE THE ENDING! Perfect time to have found this lol

That was really sweet, I really enjoyed it :)

WOOAAAH, nice plot twist, I had fun playing this game! Thank you for making this excist


I was surprised to say the least...


I love the ending... but I almost cried for Arthur tho.


spoiler alert-- the truest ending is soooo gay i love it.


WOW! Okay, I really enjoyed this game. And, I’m not gonna name names, but one of the dating choices was an absolute flop. But the ending of the game was really unexpected, I had no idea that was going to happen!


Kinda Spoilers!!!! I totally didnt expect the ending! Such a delightful twist! I kinda feel bad for Arthur though,  It was also his daughter she was giving away. I felt like he needed at least a say in it..


I enjoyed this very much! It's curious, dipping your feet into the dating pool and seeing what comes of it. All the endings felt warm and mirthful enough to be like a fairy tale, but still grounded enough in its reasonable emotions and responses.

A witch's word is good!



at first i was upset that the only option was to be a woman going on dates with a man and was hoping against hope this was going where i wanted it. luckily it did and we got some lesbian witches!!


i am so glad i read the comments! I love the 💅ending!

Cute little game!!

LOVED this sooo much. the writing was absolutely beautiful <3

omg this is wonderful and ended how i had hoped

Aw omg this is so beautiful!!!

I mean, the witch DID technically get your firstborn in the end. Is invitro an option in this world? Or do you think she's open to adoption? XD



with the gay ending what happened to the daughter though? was she never born because It is implied y/n never met the guy?


Not what I thought it would be, but very sweet and thought out

I love it, 


Not what I expected but very sweet 🥺


I wonder if there will be a version with a male mc

this was something else, I absolutely adore it.

Oh that was so good!

aww that was so good!

this was fun! :D

this was excellent


i just love how this was written and how you can click certain words and other terms are revealed :(((( this is so unique, very worth it ><

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